London Time

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Hair Cut :D

when broken heart , girls need a hair-cut. that's what my rommie said XD well i do need a new hair cut. but no,it's not because of the breaking up thingy (alrite i'm digging it again D:)
so i was just,wanna make it shorter. coz they gone wild lol. i hate the frizzy hair D:

anyhow,yesterday was Max's bday and sadly i was not in a very good condition D: i was-sickly sick XD well but i still hope that i made his day :> eventhough as usual , he's kinda mad , coz i was ridiculously can not take care of myself D: sorry dear :/

well it's 6.15 am now. i'll take bath then go to college D: then i'll be back 4 or 5 hours later. zomg. tiring class :(

see yaaaaaaaaa



  1. Your so pretty Mother!!! <3 Follow me ne?