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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

i can't hold it anymore.

i know you love me and i know you miss me. don't ask how would i know about it,just,i know. i know that you keep on trying to forget me. and i know you've been waiting for me. i know you'll always be there for me,but i'm sorry, i guess i don't need you anymore. i'm trying to get close to you again,just,trying to make everything start from zero. i want us,get close again,start it all over again. i want to know you better than before,i really wish i could. i tried to forget the past,forget the stupid mistake you've done. forget our fighting convo,and everything that might hurt me. but everytime when i try to seek you,you're always with your pride. i'm always wondering why.

i'm fed up,boy. i really am. you should know that i always try to get you back. to get us back together again. but why you make it so hard for us? you with your pride. with your stupidity. with your own idea of i am hating you,in fact i am not. but go on,if you keep on thinking like that. then i'll grant your wish. i'll start to hate you. i wont seek you anymore now. just be happy in your own life. coz i'm sure i will be.

i know moving on isn't easy,boy. but look,we have to. rite? you may love me,though. it's fine. but no matter what happened,i'm tired. i told you,i'm freaking tired with these. go fuck your pride.
i'll be gone from your life. for good.

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