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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i have to.

yeah. i was too hurt. i can't even remember why. i just know that i'm facing myself in the mirror,then i cried. a lot of tears. what was i do? where did i go wrong? that keep on running on my mind. where did i make mistake at? i keep on waiting and waiting. i keep on keep his secret deep down on my heart. i stay in love with him sincerely. until that day when he decided to stop contacting me. to say that everything's over. and it happened on 4AM. how could i possibly live? i feel so numb and i'm shivering. that's what he want? i dun know. how would he do that to me? i thought he loved me for real?

the thing that i've learned is that life is going on. it keeps on walking. and the time is keep on ticking. why should i get numb and stuck anyway? i have to face my future. am i rite? :) there's always something good waiting for me. there's always something better that ready for me. and as i walking on the right path,i meet him. the one that i'm in love. the one that always makes me happy. and i don't know why i just so sure that he won't do the same thing like the last one. i know he's better.

so for you,the boy that i used to love,i'm so sorry. i'm moving on.

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